Morning Board-Calendar-Part 2

Please check out Part 1.
This is the nitty gritty of the Morning Board.
When I first started using this board, it was solely for my then 1st grader. It became obvious very quickly that this was an awesome tool for BL as well.
First, I keep all the pieces in Ziploc bags in a Rubbermaid tote.

We usually do this board after our morning school and sometimes at the beginning of our day.
I will post our schedule soon.
We sing songs for {days of the week, months of the year}
All pieces are velcroed! (everything in our homeschool functions better if Velcro is involved)

We always start with the days of the week.

And then we just move along with all the rest.
One thing that we are working harder on this year is the number place card. This is why some of the pieces are still not cut out. {there is also an additional sheet for “math” practice that we have not used at this point.

With a dry erase marker, we write the bible verse, days of the week, temperature, and mark off the 100 days of school.
Here is what it would look like on a typical day.
So that’s it. And just incase you missed the first post, you can get all the printables for free HERE!

Morning Calendar Board-Autism *PECS* Friendly

This year will be our 3rd year using this board! It is faithfully used everyday by both D and BL. I read and printed everything off here!
Once printed, I laminated and cut and applied Velcro.
My set up is a bit different, but it works for us. I used a poster board from Wal-Mart and stuck it to the wall.
All of the pages are actually velcroed to the poster board for easy release and cleaning.
I store all of the pieces in a Rubbermaid tub and put on the shelf. Although, on any given school day, you will find the tote on the floor beneath the board.
Both of the boys are very visual and I find this to be an enormous tool in our learning day.
Stay tuned for Part 2 with all the nifty pieces set up and a demonstration on how we use our board daily.