About Me

Hey Ya’ll. My name is Lauren. This is my online journal to help other parents on their journey to homeschooling their children with autism.

My son BL is 8 years old and was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism when he was only 2, along with global developmental delay. Homeschooling was always “the plan.” It is a decision we have never regretted and I have learned some awesome and not so awesome things along the way. I am here to share that with you, and I hope you will share your ideas with me as well.

In addition to BL, I also have a 9 year old son D who has always been homeschooled as well.

We live in the south, have a doggie named Gyzmo, and we LOVE bacon :)

I often joke about autism because humor is how I make it through. What autism has taken from us can never be replaced, BUT, we have chosen to live life the best way we know how and that’s by laughing :)

There are never enough resources for the autism and homeschool community, so I feel an obligation to share with everyone.

Sooooooo-grab your favorite drink, your reading glasses, and a notebook and pen because we have a lot of learning to do together.

Always be hopeful,


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